We have battery production facility in Ambala Cantt, HSIDC Industrial Estate, now covers 15,000ft2 and employs over 40 staff producing prototypes, small batch runs and mass production. We offer sound technical advice and economically viable solutions.

Beginning with design review, we assemble prototypes, produce small volume trials and move ahead for full volume production, all-in-one place with documented work instructions. Using our wealth of experience with lean manufacturing and 5S techniques, we ensure that you get a good product, when you need it, at a competitive price and locally within the country.


Production Process Facilities

  • Latest technology resistance battery tab welding

  • ESD protected electronics assembly

  • Computer controlled battery test equipment

  • Hotmelt, UV cure and cyanoacrylate adhesives

  • IPC trained hand soldering – lead & lead free, RoHS compliant

  • Ultrasonic Welding

  • Lead assemblies – auto crimping & auto cutting striping

  • Laser cutting, CNC routing & milling

  • Potting & encapsulation dispensing

  • BMS design, assembly and programming


Battery Solutions

Often the best battery solution is one designed to meet your specific product requirements. Whether you need rechargeable or primary, nickel metal hydride or lithium ion, simple or complex we can design a custom battery pack that is fit for a purpose and commercially beneficial.

We will help to identify the correct battery technology and select configurations to ensure the battery is physically and electrically suitable, with appropriate safety and electronic circuits. Compared to other options, a custom battery pack assembly offers greater reliability, increased capability and improved functionality. At SES® we have huge experience to advise on the benefits of simple battery packs or more complex battery systems and their respective benefits.

  • Charger design with safe compatibility

  • Electrical Integration

  • Electronic controls and communication

  • External styling and case design

  • Sealed & encapsulated for tough environments

  • Unique product, protecting future revenues